Meeting at Wellspring

On January 21st a group of 20 parents and Waldorf teachers gathered at the Wellspring Waldorf  School to discuss the future of the Central VT High School Initiative.

Lisa Damian led us through a sample Waldorf Main Lesson. Working in small groups we came up with a system for classifying fingerprints based on actual fingerprint samples. After the groups had presented their findings we discussed the classification system currently in use. This accepted classification system took on a different perspective given that we had just finished developing our own systems – fascinating!

Following the Main Lesson the group reviewed two documents that outlined the roles and responsibilities of the Central VT High School Initiative Steering Committee and Pedagogical Advisory Committee. We discussed the roles and responsibilities and took nominations for the interim steering committee. For copies of the documents that were discussed at the meeting, please contact Joan at

Nominations will be approved through an email voting process in early February 2012. If you would like to add your name to our contact list to receive updates please email or follow this blog (at right).

Think Outward is hosting a conference February 17-19 in Harlemville, NY on the topic of Independent Waldorf Schools and the Global Crisis of Today. Check out their website for more information. Carpooling from VT may be an option. Please contact if you would like to coordinate carpool options.