Faculty announcement for CVHSI

The Central Vermont High School Initiative is delighted to announce that Stephan Vdoviak will be joining us as a full time faculty/administrator starting July 1, 2013! We are in process to interview and hire two additional full time faculty for our Fall 2013 grade 9 class.

Stephan comes to us after 25 years of teaching experience at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School. His work at LCWS included teaching Eurythmy, German, various humanities including directing plays, and poetry.  He also played an integral role in the development of the Lake Champlain Waldorf High School. Stephan has a BA in economics and has taught classes in mathematics in the past.  He has extensive administrative experience as well, having served as the grade school and high school coordinators at LCWS, having been on the Board of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, and also having developed the foreign exchange program at LCWS.
We are grateful to welcome Stephan to Central Vermont.  He has been involved with the Central Vermont High School Initiative since our beginning and will be continuing to volunteer with us until his official position begins on July 1st.  We invite potential students and parents to schedule a meeting with Stephan and we anticipate offering a complete outline of the 9th grade program later in March. We have an email list for families that are particularly interested in a grade 9 class for Fall 2013. To join the list, or to schedule a meeting, please contact Joan at info.cvhsi@gmail.com
We are working with Goddard College to lease space for the fall, and will send additional updates soon.
We welcome donations.  We have raised $53,000 with a goal of $140,000 for the first year.  These donations are investments in the community and in the future of what we want to offer developing adolescents in Central Vermont. In preparation for the decision to move forward with hiring, we realized that for every tuition we keep in Central Vermont, we make Waldorf High School Education possible for 2-3 others who seek it!  Details are soon to follow about tuition. We are crafting a flexible tuition model to welcome any child who seeks this education. In the coming months we will be moving from a Steering Committee to a Board of Trustees.  Any contributions of talents, time and efforts, any financial contribution you can afford is the perfect contribution.  We do not need everyone to work full throttle on creating this, but we need everyone’s voice to represent the needs of this community and the adolescents we seek to serve.  Please add your voice to our preparations.