The Central VT High School Initiative welcomes new Board of Directors!

Since it’s beginnings in late 2011, The Central Vermont High School Initiative has worked with an exuberant group of pedagogical advisers and steering committee members representing a wide geographic area. We are now preparing to release the form of a Steering committee and a Pedagogical Advisory Committee and step into the formation of our first Board. We would like to begin by thanking many supporters who have offered crucial support over the last 3 years including Lisa Damian, Madelaine Daniel, Abigail Diehl Noble, Moss McCurdy, John Brennan, Jude Tharinger, Seneca Gonzalez, and Kate Burnim. These individuals represent all the Vermont Waldorf Schools and a wide geographic area, and have offered invaluable guidance to our developing Initiative. We have recently announced our first two faculty hires for the fall, Stephan Vdoviak and Eric Gray. We are delighted to now welcome our first Board members, Linda Johanson, Eva Cahill and Marianne Perchlik. We also continue to benefit from the steadfast, sensitive and practical support of Joan Kahn as our Coordinator.

We have decided to begin with these initial Board members in order to move swiftly and effectively to complete many of the details for launching our program. We are currently completing our application for State of Vermont Approved School status and we anticipate that we will be qualified to receive state funds from sending towns in October of 2013. We are also finalizing our employment contracts and continuing with our hiring selections. We will begin our active enrollment process this Saturday at the OVWS Pie Breakfast and Farmers Market with our posters, and enrollment materials. We are finalizing the lease for our location this week. These three members have substantial background in the Initiative and in beginning Waldorf Schools and we hope to move swiftly toward our program start date in the Fall of 2013. We have other wonderful Board members to orient and bring forward in the weeks and months to follow.

Thank you for following our developing Initiative! Please consider making a donation today to support Waldorf adolescent education in Central Vermont.