CVHSI at Goddard!

It’s Official!

The Central Vermont High School Initiative, opening Fall 2013, will be located on the campus of Goddard College.

Enrollment materials available now! Contact for a packet.

View the CVHSI Poster

Central Vermont High School Initiative will be located at Goddard College, in the building pictured below (Stokes).
Goddard - stokes
Goddard College has been a pioneering leader in alternatives in education for 150 years. We are delighted to be welcomed onto the campus to offer the Central Vermont High School Initiative to all students seeking this education.  We are exploring an exciting and innovative tuition collection and development model to make this education available to any student who seeks it.
Goddard - gardens
 Goddard - maze

Just a mile or two from the Orchard Valley Waldorf School and within 60 miles of three Waldorf grades programs, the mission of the Central Vermont High School Initiative create, nurture and maintain a healthy, thriving and affordable secondary education program out of an Anthroposophically based picture of the threefold human being (body, soul and spirit), that will serve high school students in the Central Vermont area.

Please join us in celebrating our new home!  We would very much appreciate your support. Please make your donation today and help us extend a hand of invigorating, arts infused, rigorous, multi- sensory, practical education to adolescents throughout Central Vermont.