CVHSI Furniture Workday Sept 7th

Central Vermont High School Initiative opened this week in the Stokes Building at Goddard College!

In the spirit of taking initiative, the students are beginning by devoting their artistic work to creating distinctive tables designed with the support of Jacob Rogen of Rogen Design Build. The word furniture is uniquely rooted in many languages in the word movement or movable. Our distinctive CVHSI table design can accommodate many purposes. These tables allow for the requisite flexibility of a burgeoning Waldorf School. They are not only the “desks” but also can be put together in one long table to be the table for the community or banquet table. They can be arranged alongside each other to provide large square tables that everyone can gather around facing each other. There is a “pocket” on the bottom where the horse sits so that the top is secure. The table top, which can be removed,  is crafted out of durable and smooth medium density overlay, while the legs or horses are made from reused wood. Despite making excellent progress with the tables they are not the only furniture project. There are also two other distinct projects happening. The bench and the storage.  Next week the bench will be introduced with students, however it would be great to get as much of the tables and storage finished as possible. Saturday – September 7th 9-5 – will be a furniture work day – where students and family and whoever else from the community can come together and work.  There will be more opportunities in the future – but if you can come by anytime between 9 and 5 we would love to have you.

Central Vermont Arts, dedicated to restoring the Design, Painting and Sculpture buildings at Goddard, will also be doing a work day on Saturday with a focus on the Design House next door. They have invited us to participate. CVHSI is a member of Central Vermont Arts and the Design building may well serve our students some time in the future.  Thank you for any time you can offer.  If you do plan on coming – if you have a screw gun – please bring it. Thank you to all who have brought tools and/or have helped already.

 furniture building 1