CVHSI Announces Staff Changes

As the solstice nears, we become more aware of the ebb and flow of the seasons – the changes, the growth, the moving on.  Our school community feels these rhythmic changes too – increased enrollment inevitably brings about a change in staffing. At this time, we are pleased to announce these changes in order to accommodate our growing school.

We are very grateful for the steadfast support of Joan Kahn. Joan has served as a community organizer, a steering committee member, and as the paid CVHSI coordinator since October 2011. Her flexibility and constancy have been a long-term gift and investment in our High School. CVHSI thanks Joan and her entire family for all of her dedicated service and support.  Joan will be stepping down as the Office Coordinator at the end of this month.

Waldorf schools are not usually organized under a hierarchical or top down administration but rather work out of a leadership model based on a collaborative relationship among peers. In addition, many Waldorf schools, including CVHSI, operate through consensus. We are delighted that we have matured to be able to embody these aspirations.  At this time in our school’s development, we are moving toward strengthening the collaborative leadership model by having our core faculty work together to take on the majority of the administrative functions.

It is the decision of the CVHSI Board to increase the position of Melissa Grella to include a larger administrative role in addition to her teaching duties. Melissa was hired at 65%, and we now welcome her as a 100% staff member. We anticipate hiring additional science and math adjuncts for the rest of this academic year in addition to a full-time math/science teacher for 2014-15.

In addition to the daily administrative tasks, Melissa will support our school’s development in continuing steps for recognition as a Waldorf High School with the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. She will explore the addition of residential students, and cultivate a visiting schools program. CVHSI aims to host an 11th grade botany trip to sister Waldorf schools as well as other outdoor education activities.

Melissa has been enjoying the support of our fall outdoor education intern Elliot LaCroix and she will continue to advance the potential for CVHSI to provide internships in education.  Elliot has been a tremendous asset to our staff and faculty this fall and more recently, has been offering additional support to the teaching staff during breaks and lunches offering games and activities outdoors.  The Central Vermont High School Initiative has welcomed 5 new students in the last 3 weeks!  We are very grateful for the support of Elliot as we respond to the growth of our student body. Elliot’s last day with us will be Tuesday, December 17th, and we wish him bon voyage on his adventures to New Zealand and beyond.

We also welcome the support of Kelly Morelli as our bookkeeper. Kelly is an accounting and bookkeeping specialist who has been volunteering her support to establish our bookkeeping systems.  We are grateful to welcome her professional services.