Welcome, Jan Zemba!

We warmly welcome Jan Zemba to our faculty as a visiting main lesson block teacher!  Jan will join us in February to teach 10th grade Acids and Bases and again in March to teach 9th grade Organic Chemistry.  Jan has taught in Waldorf Schools for seventeen years, beginning at the Lexington Waldorf School and most recently at the Waldorf School in Saratoga Springs.  She has taught in both the middle school grades and high school in diverse fields- mathematics, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and music!  She earned a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Irvine and a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  Jan completed her Waldorf High School Teaching Certificate at the Rudolf Steiner College.  In addition to teaching, Jan served as the Finance Manager in Saratoga for five years and Treasurer for two years, as well as serving on the Board during that time.  She is a member of Saratoga County Water Quality Coordinating Committee.  Jan enjoys playing clarinet, knitting, and low key hiking, kayaking and Nordic skiing.  We look forward to her joining our community!