CVHSI Announces Board and Staff Changes

Marianne Donahue Perchlik has served on the original CVHSI steering committee and as the Board of Trustees President/Facilitator for this first year at CVHSI.  She is now stepping down from the President seat and preparing to step down from the Board in the coming months as new Board Members are welcomed onto the Board of Trustees of CVHSI.  She will continue serving as Secretary for the next few months in order to support these transitions.  Pam Van Deursen is now the Board President of CVHSI. Thank you Pam!

Eric Gray has served as our core humanities faculty for this first year, as well as Faculty Board Representative and announces he will be returning to St. Louis and stepping down from the CVHSI faculty for the 2014/15 school year.  Eric will continue as our core humanities and art teacher until June 30. The CVHSI Board and Faculty are already engaged in a hiring process for core faculty positions for the next academic year.  Both Marianne and Eric will continue working with Goddard College through the spring to clarify and strengthen our lease arrangement.
The Central Vermont High School Initiative warmly thanks Marianne for her volunteer service on the steering committee and on the first Board of Trustees.  We also thank Eric for his presence on our Faculty and Board and on our campus, and for his wonderful support of our students.  We wish him every blessing with his future in St. Louis, and we look forward to having Marianne’s presence continue in the CVHSI community.