Health Education at CVHSI

Over the last few weeks of school, students at CVHSI explored issues in social health, human hygiene, mental health, drug addiction and family planning as part of the health education curriculum. Through a variety of guests, students experienced skills such as learning to take pulse and blood pressure, learning to make hand sanitizer and foot anti-fungal lotion, aromatherapy inhalers for stress reduction and enhanced sleep, and facial toner. In connection with our regular Thursday community lunch, students also experienced wild food foraging. Our deepest thanks to an array of special presentations provided by members of the larger community including Tracy Taylor, Margot Prendergast, David Connor, Joseph Gainza, Lauren Andrews and Kaylin, Patrick and Alden McCarthy. Special thanks to Julie Henderson for providing fresh rosemary for the facial toner, and also to Dave K, our foraging friend.

baby   blood pressure