CONSTABLE: I have an order here and it says that you must sell all your homes and be out of here in three days.

TEVYE: And you who have known us all your life, you’d carry out this order?

CONSTABLE: I have nothing to do with it, don’t you understand?

TEVYE: We understand.

In preparation for a week-long Tour of Fiddler on the Roof next week, students at the Central Vermont High School Initiative have been studying immigration in American history and current events. Each week students have prepared interviews with migrant farm workers, an asylum seeker and other immigrants living in Vermont With support from WGDR, students have learned radio programming skills and are producing pieces of audio journalism in connection with the migration unit. Students prepare interviews by building overall communication skills and studying the art of conversation. Included in each week’s interview is also a community lunch researched and crafted by students in a gesture of hospitality and in appreciation that communication extends often beyond spoken words but through body language and sharing of food and culture. Community Lunch is a regular weekly event at CVHSI, supported by Crystal Madeira of Kismet who is helping students design and cook the menus they discover in their research.

Hearing a foreigner’s experience so different from my own, yet he still said and was so sure that ‘we are one.’ We are one people and ‘once we understand that we are one, we cannot hurt one another.’ He had gone through a lot of trauma in surviving and seeking asylum from civil war in the Republic of Congo, and moving to a totally new place. He was very open and loving towards people despite his difficult experience which was inspiring.”

~student reflection on visit of Mabika Goma

Monday March 30, Black Box Theater, Burlington 7pm

Tuesday March 31, The Wilder Center, Wilder 7pm

Wed April 1, The Valley Players, Waitsfield 7pm

Thursday April 2, The Plainfield Opera House 1pm & 7 pm

Friday April 3, Haybarn Theater, Goddard College  5pm Gala and silent auction,