Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Robert McKay, Faculty Representative 

Robert was born in Burlington, graduated with the first class at LCWHS, and did his BA in philosophy and religion at Middlebury College. Robert recently finished Waldorf teacher training at Antioch University, and is working on his MEd thesis. A publishing poet, small press editor and book artist, Robert also loves gardening, bikes, and amassing books and records. He’s grateful to be part of the Waldorf movement because of the freedom it affords us to connect in human community and develop deep interest and response-ability towards this unstable and amazing world.Robert brings to the Humanities program an interdisciplinary, engaged curriculum connecting world history and literature with current events, politics and political economy, along with a generous dash of creative writing, geography and ecology.Robert rationalizes his addiction to the news by quoting Steiner’s dictum: “the high school teacher must have the winds of the times blowing through him.” He strives to be a conduit for that wind, allowing it to in-spire the students, so that they take a lively interest in the world and develop themselves into active subjects in the stream of culture and history.

Andy2014 Andrew Perchlik, Treasurer
Andrew has many years of experience with Waldorf schools.  He was the founding Treasurer of the Orchard Valley Waldorf School (OVWS). After that founding term on the OVWS Board of Directors Andrew has remained on the OVWS Finance Committee ever since, where he also served on the Accessible To All committee since its inception.   Andrew was also a founding member of the Montpelier Waldorf Investment Cooperative and served as its President, Treasurer, and Secretary at different times over its 10 year life.   He has three children that have all attended Waldorf Schools (the Child’s Garden, OVWS, and the Central Vermont High School Initiative).

Andrew lives with his wife, Marianne Perchlik, and their three children in Marshfield, Vermont.

Meg Scherbatskoy, Faculty Representative

Meg moved with her husband Jon from Texas to Vermont in 1985. In 1999 her family was introduced to the Green Mountain Waldorf School when friends invited them to a festival. Soon she became an active school parent volunteer which quickly led to joining committees, the board, volunteering skills in art and drama, and substitute teaching. Their daughter moved to the Three Rivers School, and the next year Meg was on the board helping with the process of starting the Orchard Valley Waldorf School (OVWS).  She served as the first board chair of OVWS and continued on the board for 5 years. All three of their daughters are or have been students in Waldorf schools.

Meg has a diverse background in education, administration and the Arts. She received a B.A. through the Adult Degree Program from Norwich University. She has a varied experience – whether as a student, volunteer, or employee – with a focus in Medieval history, all aspects of drama, the practical arts, textiles, graphic design, and the fine arts. She joined the staff at OVWS as Handwork teacher for grades 5-8 in 2010, OVWS Summer Camp in 2012, and Handwork teacher for grades 1-8 at Wellspring for the 2012-13 year.

Pam Pam VanDeursen, President
Pam is the mother of two graduates of the Orchard Valley Waldorf School. She previously served for 6 years on the Board of Trustees at OVWS, four of which she served as chair.

Pam is currently employed with High Mowing Organic Seeds in wholesale sales. For her  board work, Pam draws on her background in several startup companies where she was responsible for many areas, including human resources, management, scheduling, logistics, purchasing, and marketing. In addition, she contributes from her employment at several well established corporations such as Starbucks, Ben and Jerry’s and Unisource.

2013_09_gaw 524 Caitlin Rodriguez Elberson

Caitlin lives with her husband Jason at Wild Rhythms Farm in Marshfield where they own Sobremesa, a fermented foods company for which they make kimchi, sauerkraut and curtido which is sold at Vermont farmers markets. At Wild Rhythms Farm, Caitlin and Jason grow organic vegetables and raise laying hens, ducks, guineas and sheep. Before making Vermont her home in 2013, Caitlin worked in development, admissions and marketing at Kimberton Waldorf School in Pennsylvania for four years. As a Humanities major at Villanova University, Caitlin became interested in questions such as “who am I,” and “what does it look like to live well in society?” This was when Caitlin discovered Waldorf education, which she was drawn to because it honors the whole human and our innate capacities. Caitlin enjoys growing and preparing nourishing foods, learning new things, knitting, making beautiful and practical things, traveling, working with herbs, wild foraging, snowboarding, yoga, singing, music, hiking, and reading.

David Andrew Schwartz

Currently David and his husband, Ronald (Onat) Sanchez, live and work in Heartbeet Lifesharing, a Camphill community in northern Vermont. David has been associated with Camphill communities in the North American Region of the Camphill Movement for more than forty years.  He has been actively involved in the life of the Anthroposophical Society for the same amount of time.  He is a bio-dynamic gardener and a horticultural vocational instructor for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities. He has been teaching subjects to adults in anthroposophical training programs for over twenty years.  He currently teaches courses in Social Therapy on topics such as the human sensory system, reincarnation and karma, and the study of Rudolf Steiner’s Theosophy. Over the years, he has lectured publically and to members of the Anthroposophical Society on a wide range of anthroposophical subjects. He practiced law for twenty years and was engaged in various business initiatives while living in Southeast Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Anthroposophical Society, the School for Spiritual Science and the Social Science Section and  a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, majoring in Religious Studies, and Villanova University School of Law. David was born in 1949.  He is a father and grandfather. All three daughters and five grandchildren are or  have been Waldorf students.  Naturally, I am interested in CVHSI!