Faculty & Staff

2016-2017 Core Faculty

robertRobert McKay, Social Sciences & Literature

Robert was born in Burlington, graduated with the first class at LCWHS, and did his BA in philosophy and religion at Middlebury College. Robert recently finished Waldorf teacher training at Antioch University, and is working on his MEd thesis. A publishing poet & active community organizer, Robert brings to the Humanities program an interdisciplinary, engaged curriculum connecting world history & literature with current events, politics & political economy, along with a generous dash of creative writing, geography & ecology. Robert’s favorite Steiner passage? Easy:

We dare not be simply educators; we must be people of culture… We can only be good teachers when we have a living interest in everything happening in the world. Through that interest in the world we must obtain the enthusiasm that we need… when we devote our interest to the great needs & tasks of the times, both of which are unimaginably large (Foundations of Human Experience, 31-2).

Robert strives to be a conduit for that worldly interest, making space for adolescents’ innate desire to become active subjects in the stream of culture & history.

vdoviak_stephan 64 Stephan Vdoviak, Performance Arts & Humanities

Stephan has taught in Waldorf Schools for almost 25 years beginning as an early childhood teacher. He currently teaches Ninth – 12th Grade Eurythmy, Humanities, and Drama, along with taking up various pedagogical administrative tasks at the Initiative.  He earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan and a Eurythmy Diploma from the Nuremberg Eurythmy School. He completed his graduate course work at the University of Vermont in German Language and Literature and high school certification course work at Rudolf Steiner College. Stephan was the High School Coordinator at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School in Shelburne, Vermont from 2002 – 2006.  He has been a Faculty member and Program Director at Sunbridge College; a Board of Trustee member at two Waldorf Schools and for the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America; a regular guest teacher at the Freie Waldorf Schule Wendelstein in southeastern Germany; and a pedagogical and administrative consultant for a number of North American Waldorf Schools.

bio2 Jan Zemba, Chemistry, Physical Science, and Math

Jan has taught in Waldorf Schools for seventeen years, beginning at the Lexington Waldorf School and most recently at the Waldorf School in Saratoga Springs.  She has taught in both the middle school grades and high school in diverse fields- mathematics, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and music!  She earned a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Irvine and a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  Jan completed her Waldorf High School Teaching Certificate at the Rudolf Steiner College.  In addition to teaching, Jan served as the Finance Manager in Saratoga for five years and Treasurer for two years, as well as serving on the Board during that time.  She is a member of Saratoga County Water Quality Coordinating Committee.  Jan enjoys playing clarinet, knitting, and low key hiking, kayaking and Nordic skiing.

2016-2017 Carrying Faculty

Marianne-website Marianne Perchlik, Life Sciences & Humanities, Health Education Program Coordinator

Marianne discovered Waldorf Education as a source of inspiration and mentoring as a new mother. She has been teaching childbirth and parent education since 2006 as a Birthing from Within Mentor and a Simplicity Parenting Group Leader and Coach. More recently, she will complete her Waldorf High School Teaching Certification in 2015. Marianne received her BA from Holy Cross College in Theater and English, and a JD and Masters in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School. Marianne served in the Peace Corps as a sustainable agriculture educator. Formerly a juvenile attorney for Washington and Caledonia County, she was relieved to discover Waldorf Education, observing that the whole integrated education nurtures whole individuals, mentors parents carefully and serves as a vehicle for responsive, healthy community life. Marianne has been involved for many years in the development of the Orchard Valley Waldorf School since its opening in 2004 and was the first President of the Central Vermont High School Initiative. Marianne is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, recording artist, radio programmer, bird watcher, and playwright. She enjoys parenting her three children with her husband Andrew. They live in Marshfield and enjoy tending sheep, hens, horses and gardens.

IMG_0428Meg Scherbatskoy, Fine & Practical Arts, International Languages Program Coordinator

Meg moved with her husband Jon from Texas to Vermont in 1985. In 1999 her family was introduced to the Green Mountain Waldorf School when friends invited them to a festival. Soon she became an active school parent volunteer which quickly led to joining committees, the board, volunteering skills in art and drama, and substitute teaching. Their daughter moved to the Three Rivers School, and the next year Meg was on the board helping with the process of starting the Orchard Valley Waldorf School (OVWS).  She served as the first board chair of OVWS and continued on the board for 5 years. All three of their daughters are or have been students in Waldorf schools.

Meg has a diverse background in education, administration and the Arts. She received a B.A. through the Adult Degree Program from Norwich University. She has a varied experience – whether as a student, volunteer, or employee – with a focus in Medieval history, all aspects of drama, the practical arts, textiles, graphic design, and the fine arts. She joined the staff at OVWS as Handwork teacher for grades 5-8 in 2010, OVWS Summer Camp in 2012, and Handwork teacher for grades 1-8 at Wellspring for the 2012-13 year.

2016-2017 Supporting Faculty & Staff

Eliza Thomas, Performance Art Accompanist

Bio & photo coming soon!

Amia Cervantes, Adjunct Faculty, Dance

Bio & photo coming soon!

Kelly Kelly Morelli, Bookkeeper

Bio coming soon!

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