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Our educational tradition is an egalitarian one,  tracing its roots to the then-radical co-education of factory workers’ children, and affirming the right of every human being to realize her full potential regardless of class, race, gender, or ability.

At the Initiative, we take Waldorf founder Rudolph Steiner’s dream of a “free education” very seriously, which is why our tuition model is social rather than market-oriented: families agree on what they can pay in yearly Resource Conversations, and no one is turned away for lack of funds. Families also participate actively in the financial and fundraising committees, and contribute to the life of the Initiative in innumerable ways, from food to skills to equipment.

Fully realizing our ideal relies on a strong, broad network of donors.  Our youth need the support of individuals, foundations and businesses  who share their deep desire for a high school education that meets & develops every student’s true abilities, regardless of ability to pay.

Our students also take up fundraising for their beloved school, learning valuable skills for life along the way. In the past, students have produced a short film and crowdfunding page to support their school trips, made crafts and food products for outreach at local farmers’ markets, and even taken over Kismet, Montpelier’s top farm-to-table restaurant. Our students’ passion is contagious!

Finally, check our our 2016 fall appeal to learn why now is the time to take initiative with us:

Thank you so much.


Robert  McKay, Faculty Development Coordinator

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