A Winter Evening of Theater & Music!

At the Initiative, the arts permeate the whole curriculum.

Join us to celebrate the aesthetic and academic richness of the past semester’s intensive, interdisciplinary learning units:

  • In “History through Music,” juniors & seniors explored the transition from medieval to modern through challenging, polyphonic choral pieces the entire class has worked up to present to you!
  • In “Dante’s Comedy,” students took an in-depth look at this towering work that stands at the culmination of the Middle Ages and the cusp of the Renaissance. Their own illuminated manuscript pages will be on display at the event.
  • Meanwhile, in “History through Theater,” the ninth & tenth graders have traced

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The school has been echoing with music this holiday season — it’s a joy to see how immersed the students are in the richness of the curriculum. Even during chores they’ve been known to break out in Mozart duets!